News & announcements

10/2021My PhD student Mehrdad Farokhnejad successfully defended his dissertation “Human Guided Exploration of Data Collections”. Congratulations to the new doctor!
10/2021Accepted paper ICSOC'21: “H-STREAM: Composing Microservices for Enacting Stream and Histories Analytics Pipelines
10/2021Publication of our book Innovative Applications in Smart Cities
05/2021Accepted paper DOING@ADBIS'21: “LACLICHEV Exploring the History of Climate Change in Latin America within Newspapers Digital Collections
02/2021Accepted paper DARLI-AP'21: “Towards human in the loop based query rewriting for exploring datasets
01/2021Accepted paper DOLAP'21: “goldMEDAL: A New Contribution to Data Lake Metadata Modeling
01/2021Invited talk ESILV: “Addressing Data Science Requirements in the Digital Humanities
11/2020Invited talk UATx: “Data Science for the Social Good” (video min. 58:30)
09/2020New website